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Northern California Laborers Training

Northern California Laborers Training As the sun rises over the hills of San Ramon at 6:30 a.m., members of Laborers’ Training Center of Northern California are already hard at work. Their job? Ensuring the next generation of Laborers have the skills they need to provide the quality workmanship that is a hallmark of hiring LIUNA members…. Read more »

Seven Things You Need to Know About the Laborers’ Training Programs

Seven Things You Need to Know About the Laborers’ Training Programs Skilled and trained laborers make all the difference on a job site, find out why Who you hire makes all the difference on construction and infrastructure projects. An underprepared workforce can result in errors that cost contractors time and money, or worse in injuries… Read more »

The Laborers’ School Graduates 617 New Journeypersons

Azusa, Calif. – (Business Wire) – The Laborers’ Training and Retraining Trust of Southern California celebrated the graduation of 617 apprentices to journeymen and journeywomen status on Saturday, January 20th. “These new journeypersons should be very proud of themselves. I know it wasn’t easy, but their efforts to graduate from their apprenticeship will pay off… Read more »

$225,000 Awarded for College Scholarships Courtesy of the Northern California Laborers’ Union

$225,000 Awarded for College Scholarships Courtesy of the Northern California Laborers’ Union 75 Students Awarded Scholarships for 2017 PLEASANTON, Calif. (Business Wire)—The Northern California District Council of Laborers (NCDCL) awarded $225,000 in college scholarships via the Northern California Laborers’ Scholarship Foundation. 2017 marks the 26th year for this foundation, and it has awarded 75 students… Read more »

LIUNA helps small business recover after traumatic highway accident

When a typical workday for a small business turns from normal to tragic, having the right support system both emotionally and financially can bring peace of mind. Here’s how PG Cutting Services survived a horrifying accident in January with support from the Laborers’ International Union of North America. A crew of seven were busy cutting… Read more »

Managing a Crisis

Managing a Crisis Syblon Reid, LIUNA Local 185 Show Power of Teamwork on Oroville Dam Emergency Project In the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California’s Butte County, the tallest earthen dam structure in the U.S. – Oroville Dam – soars 770-feet high, offering a birds-eye view of the surrounding area as… Read more »

Fix It Before It Fails

With the passage of Senate Bill 1 by the California legislature and the signature of Governor Brown, the road to fixing the state’s transportation systems just got a little bit smoother. Although no one likes to pay more taxes, fees, or whatever you want to call them, with half of California’s 196,000 miles of roads… Read more »

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap SFI Builds the New Gerald Desmond Bridge The Gerald Desmond Bridge is a linchpin structure for the Port of Long Beach and Southern California. It is part of an important route, designated as a National Highway System Intermodal Connector and part of the Federal Highway Strategic Network. The structure also carries nearly… Read more »

At a Crossroads

Our transportation systems are at a crossroads. With declining revenue because of more fuel efficient vehicles, stagnant gas taxes, and fewer dollars available from state and federal governments, there aren’t enough resources to maintain or build out our local, state and federal transportation networks. And as maintenance is deferred, the costs to repair increase substantially with… Read more »