LECET Southwest employs a variety of programs and services to assist LIUNA Local Unions, District Councils, the Regional Office and signatory contractors to help them increase market share and win projects and jobs.

Technology based programs are used to keep Laborers and contractors aware of upcoming project and job opportunities in the public works and commercial markets, as well as the industrial, energy, and pipeline industries. Additionally, an online Contractor Directory of LIUNA-signatory employers can help to make vital business connections.

LECET Southwest devotes resources to a marketing and communications campaign to promote the Laborers, their employers, and the value of union construction to awarding agencies and developers in trade publications, at industry events, and in one-on-one meetings.

Attempting to understand trends in the industry, LECET Southwest researches individual projects, existing and emerging markets as well as company and organizational information. These efforts provide LIUNA and contractors with knowledge that is vital to recognize the opportunities and risks that lie ahead.

No matter what the opportunity or issue is, LECET Southwest and LIUNA will develop the program or provide the service in labor-management cooperation.

LECET Southwest Programs

Information Technology
LECET Market Expansion Program
Contractor Directory