A variety of information technology based programs help LIUNA affiliates learn about, track, and research projects, jobs, businesses and construction markets in order to help Laborers and their signatory contractors find and win work. To learn more about or to receive user access to any of these programs please contact LECET Southwest.


LECET’s Market Expansion Program (MEP) provides LIUNA affiliates access to a lead management system for the construction industry. MEP allows users to manage project lead information, plans, specification documents, and many other data products provided by Dodge Data & Analytics.



The MEP GO App is an exclusive program for Laborers, LECET and affiliates. There is no other progressive, intuitive and powerful program like MEP available in the app store (iOS and Android). MEP Mobile provides Laborers a tool to effectively and easily find projects and jobs, and increase market share.


Industrial Information Resources (IIR) is an Internet-based program that provides comprehensive world-wide market intelligence pertaining to industrial processing, heavy manufacturing and energy-related industries. The key components of the IIR program include plant and project databases, market databases/forecasting, industry contacts, industry and territorial maps, and a daily industry news e-mail alert system.



DNBi is the latest program development from Dun & Bradstreet. It is a web-based program, which allows users to pull Dun & Bradstreet information and track any changes to targeted companies. The program allows for unlimited domestic (U.S.) reports, seamless monitoring of reports, built-in risk review on companies, expanded corporate family tree functionality for ownership information, and easy sharing of information.