• Opportunities, Challenges and how the Sacramento Region Moves Forward

    Table of Experts discussion on the Sacramento Region

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  • The Power of Partnership

    LECET Southwest works to secure projects and jobs, increase market share, and the advance market-related interests of the Laborers’ Union and their contractors.

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  • Information is the Key

    The Laborers can get you timely project information that is actionable and tailored to your company’s interests.

  • Cooperation, Not Confrontation

    LIUNA knows that its members’ success goes hand-in-hand with the contractor and provides the resources to foster mutual success.


Contractor Directory

Making trusted, long lasting business connections is essential to the construction industry. To assist in making those connections, LECET Southwest maintains a directory of LIUNA signatory contractors, searchable by scope of work, license type, small business designation, and more.

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LIUNA is constantly building new partnerships with contractors. Here are ten that recently became signatory to LIUNA. Find out more about these and other new signatory contractors in our Contractor Directory or click the “View New Signatories” link.

  1. Giant Construction, Inc.
    Oakland, CA
  2. Local Locating, Inc
    Corona, CA
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Listed below are the Top Projects within LECET’s Market Expansion Program (MEP). If you would like to find out more information on any of these projects or would like to receive customized, weekly email updates on projects click the “View Top Projects” link.

  1. Sepulveda Pass Transit Corridor/Tunnel PPP$7,000,000,000  Bidding | LOS ANGELES
  2. Google Data Center (Project Red Hawk) MASTER REPORT$1,000,000,000  Planning Schematics | MESA
  3. 500-MW Lake Elsinore Advanced Pumped Storage$850,000,000  Planning Schematics | Lake Elsinore
  4. High Desert Corridor$800,000,000  Planning Schematics | Victorville
  5. Talega-Escondido/Valley-Serrano 500 kV Interconnect$650,000,000  Planning Schematics | LAKE ELSINORE
  1. Los Angeles County Museum of Art Expansion$650,000,000  Planning Schematics | LOS ANGELES
  2. RFQ/SUB: Triton Pavilion (Campus Gateway Complex)$320,000,000  Pre-Qualification | LA JOLLA
  3. 300 S 1st Mixed Use Development$200,000,000  Planning Schematics | SAN JOSE
  4. James A Musick Facility (JAMF) Jail - Phase I and 2$167,000,000  GC Bidding-Invitation | IRVINE
  5. Olsen-South Chandler Ranch Development MASTER REPORT$150,000,000  Planning Schematics | PASO ROBLES
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  • Training & Apprenticeship

    Contractors who work with LIUNA get well-trained, highly skilled laborers and the structure to develop such a workforce well into the future.

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  • Workers’ Compensation / ADR

    Contractors who work with LIUNA get a unique workers’ compensation program that cuts costs and gets employees back to work.

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  • Health & Safety

    Contractors who work with LIUNA get safety programs and services that make jobsites safer and contractors more competitive.

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  • Employee Benefits

    Contractors who work with LIUNA get cost effective and comprehensive medical and retirement benefits to help retain employees.

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  • Fair Contracting

    Contractors who work with LIUNA get compliance resources that level the playing field and promote honest and fair competition.

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