Information in the LECET Southwest Contractor Directory can be accessed by two methods:

1. Search by contractor name
2. Search using drop-down menus

1. Search by contractor name

Enter the name of the contractor you are looking for. It is not necessary to enter the entire name. For instance, if you are searching for John Smith Construction, Inc., just enter Smith.

If your search brings up more than one contractor, scroll through the list to find the appropriate contractor.

2. Search using drop-down menus

This search option filters results based the information you enter into the drop-down menus. You must select a contractor work type (general contractor or subcontractor) and a location (work or office) if using the drop-down menus.  Selecting a license type or agency certification is optional.

General Contractor  OR  Subcontractor (Required)

Select general contractor work categories or subcontractor work categories, but not both during the same query. Subcontractor work categories are not intended to include ‘incidental’ work, but rather the work a contractor would bid/perform on a project as a subcontractor.  Selecting more than one work category will provide a list of contractors that perform at least one of those selected.

Work Location  OR  Office Location (Required)

Search by either work location(s) or office location(s).  Work location is a geographic grouping of counties in which a contractor is willing to perform work. If selecting multiple work locations, you can only select locations within the same primary work location (e.g., Northern California or Arizona, etc.). Selecting more than one work location the search results will provide a list of contractors that work in either area.

Using the Office Location option will find companies with an office located in the counties selected.

License Type (Optional)

This option is to search for contractors licensed in California. You can search by license type (A, B, C-8, D-6, etc.) to identify particular specialties that a contractor may be able to perform or is limited to.

Agency Certifications (Optional)

This option will provide contractors that have a certification as a small business, disabled-veteran business, disadvantaged business, woman-owned business or minority-owned business in California as certified through one of the following:

– CA Unified Certification Program
– Department of General Services
– CA Public Utilities Commission’s Supplier Clearinghouse.

Sample Search

If you want to find a fencing contractor that works in Alameda County, CA and is certified as a small business, use the following options:

– Work Category: Fencing
– Work Location: SF Bay Area
– Agency Certification: CA Dept of General Services – Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and CA Dept of General Services – Micro Business Enterprise (SBE-Micro)

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